I am committed to working  on the critical issues that will make the biggest difference to improve the lives of families in our community.


As a small business owner, I know that to create better paying jobs we need to better support local businesses and entrepreneurs. It’s our small local business owners, who live and work in our community, who understand that a thriving economy is tied to good schools, safe communities and strategic investments in job training and infrastructure.  We must develop short and long-term regional economic development plans that prioritize tools, incentives and infrastructure needed for our local economy to grow.

We must focus on sectors in which we should be national—if not global—leaders::

  • Renewable energy

  • Technology incubation and tech-transfer

  • Water efficiency

  • Cultural arts

  • Experiential tourism

  • Rural health services

  • Value-added agriculture


As I talk with voters, crime is a top concern. So we all feel safe in our neighborhoods and homes, I support a stronger investment in public safety and in our criminal justice system, specifically:

  • Hiring of more police officers and investing in community policing to put more police in our neighborhoods for longer periods of time;

  • Funding for courts and prosecutors so we keep criminals off the streets and funding to test the backlog of rape kits so offenders are held accountable and victims end the wait for justice;

  • Investing in substance abuse treatment and to assist first responders on the front line of the opioid epidemic.

  • Pass commonsense gun laws like criminal background checks for all gun sales.


Education opens doors—and that’s true for me: I came to New Mexico to further my education. As the father of three children who went to both public and private schools in Albuquerque, I understand and appreciate the challenges our teachers, families, and students face. Today, New Mexico is ranked 50th in education and we must move quickly to turn that around so our children get the high quality education they deserve. I support:

  • Investing in Early Childhood Education for every child;

  • Reduced class sizes and less standardized testing;

  • Providing vocational education for students who do not go on to college;

  • Improving student math and reading skills and to increase opportunities for all students to participate in Science, Engineering, Mathematics, and Technology (STEM) curricula;

  • Improved working conditions for teachers and educational assistants.


Elected leaders have failed to take steps to diversify our economy beyond the few resource extraction industries. The goal is to make New Mexico a world leader in the technologies and policies needed to produce environmentally responsible, reliable, and safe clean energy like wind and solar. At home, harvesting and storing energy from the sun and wind will ultimately diversify our economy, create jobs, as well as stabilize stated-funded support for education, social services, and health programs. In terms of our environment and energy, I support:

  • Investing in energy such as solar and wind to help grow the economy and create jobs;

  • Re-establishing New Mexico’s tax credits for residential rooftop and agricultural solar installation that expired in 2016;

  • Tougher penalties for industries that contaminate our air and water.


From treating mental and behavioral health issues, to fighting the opioid crisis and standing up for reproductive rights, we have to have advocates in our State House who will be strong voices for our communities. We have to fight to protect healthcare in New Mexico. Without access to quality, affordable healthcare, everyday New Mexicans cannot live happy, healthy, productive lives.

  • Restore our mental and behavioral healthcare system, and provide drug treatment. As a resident of Albuquerque for over 40 years, I have seen what the destruction of our mental and behavioral health system has done. We have to get to work to fix our broken system;

  • We have to protect a woman’s right to choose to make sure that New Mexico remains at the forefront of access to reproductive care;

  • Ensure that our underserved communities get access to the affordable healthcare they need, by providing incentives to attract new doctors to underserved communities, and by making sure that state-funded institutions live up to their promise.


I will work with the City, County, local residents and businesses to revitalize the area east of Central and Tramway to make it a safer and more attractive eastern gateway into Albuquerque.